As a matter of safety, medical spaces need to be constantly cleaned and sanitised. Because there are several rooms, each with different cleaning needs, disposable and contagious materials that need to be carefully disposed of, it is essential to have reliable and highly qualified companies to carry out the cleaning.

Aiming at the maximum safety and hygiene these spaces require, X Cleaning Services is the ideal partner for cleaning medical facilities. With trained and qualified professionals, flexible contracts, time and shifts, we can develop the ideal solution for each space.

All X Cleaning Services employees use safety equipment and are able to work with the required ethics required to operate in medical facilities. Always respecting the work environment, as well as all the professionals and patients that are there.

With X Cleaning Services to perform the cleaning of medical spaces, such as hospitals, clinics, outpatient clinics, among others, you can rest assured that we guarantee the highest level of quality in service delivery, in all details and spaces.