Organization and security are keywords for schools. Elements in which hygiene and cleanliness are directly related. Therefore, X Cleaning Services also has specialized cleaning services for educational establishments, such as schools, kindergartens, colleges, among others.

Classrooms need to be always cleaned and sanitized so that teachers and students can perform their functions in a healthy environment. Our professionals are trained to perform effective cleaning in these locations, even in the smallest detail.

We also understand that each educational center has a different flow of people throughout the day. Therefore, being flexible in providing services is a competitive advantage of X Cleaning Services. Thus, you can agree that cleaning is done at the best times, without interrupting the activities of your school.

We at X Cleaning Services have training in cleaning dining rooms, classrooms, corridors, laboratories, restrooms, canteens, kitchens, offices and other school facilities. Regardless of size and complexity, we do. All this with the best in efficiency, quality and reliability.